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Victor Perkonos

Perkonos Viktor Ivanovich was born in the village Stanislavchyk in Podolia. Graduated from Kyiv radioelectronic college, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, graduate of the Institute of Cybernetics Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Ph.D., senior officer, border guard, author of 33 scientific publications (articles, abstracts of reports). As a border guard officer and cybernetic scientist traveled all over the world. Collected and recorded the thoughts and opinions of ordinary people – representatives of many ethnic groups of the World. Interpreted them on the basis of recorded remakes outlook for indigenous Ukrainian.


"Dear reader! Before you unique book – Japanese style in the Ukrainian comprehension. And the style – not whim that came a quiet office or inspired translation…

… that first swallow sound, mathematically precise and patriotic descendants of the ancient wisdom of the fire guards."

Edward Dehodyuk