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New essays by M. Khvylovy

We publish essay cycle "In the Barvinkivsky district" (1930).

Where is your conscience, Matthew? What kind of a middle-class man are you, when you had 50 hectares of land, and three pairs of oxen, and four horses, and…

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New novel by I. Korsak

We begin to publish I. F. Korsak’s novel "Children of Japheth" (2010). Today – the first 5 chapters.

It was much more painful and insulting when one of your own people unexpectedly hit you from behind – so it seemed to Vyacheslav Kazimirovich from the unexpected accusations of Bohdan Yaroshevsky.

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New about Michael Starycky

Портрет, 1904 р. The photo gallery of M. Starycky was replenished with 3 pictures, including portrait of 1904 by Photii Krasicki.

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New verses by Ju. Fedkovich

We publish poem "Deserter" from the collectiov "Verses" (1866 – 1867).

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New folklore records by Marko Vovchok

We begin to publish a notebook of folklore records by Marko Vovchok (middle of the 19th century). Today – the first three sections.

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New manual on banking

We begin to publish I. G. Britchenko’s manual "Marketing in Banks" (2008). Today – "Preface".

The main task of the textbook is to acquaint students with the theoretical foundations of marketing in banks, to promote the formation of marketing thinking and mastery of practical skills.

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New article by Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

We publish article "Bodies of Russian parties" (1870).

We divide all Great Russian magazines into only two parts, because in Russia there are no organs of any party yet, as is the case in Europe; and there are no newspaper bodies because there are no parties themselves.

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New poen by Juri Klen

We berin publishing the poem "Ashes of Empires" (1943 – 1947). Today – first 10 chapters.

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New book on Kyiv

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 2" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – "Conclusions".

As a result of careful research of many monumental structures of ancient Kyiv, their architectural, artistic and construction-technical appearance was revealed in a completely new light.

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New short story by Ivan Karpenko-Kary

We publish short story "Rookie" (1881).

Peter in army, how am I, old, weak, a wife, two children, a daughter-in-law?.. All hired… I will not die today or tomorrow, who will bury?

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New story by Julian Opilsky

We publish historical story "Dancer from Bubastis" (1921).

Property and the value of Eumachus grew, but the best gem of his happiness was and remains Herzet. Contrary to Egyptian custom, she sat at the hearth of Eumachus, like a priestess at the altar.

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New verses by S. Vorobkevich

We publish last 10 verses of 1867, including "My grief."

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New works by B.-I. Antonych

We publish 5 fragments of unfinished works, including "Oh, I’ll go to the field, in grief…".

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New verses by Panas Myrny

We publish next 10 verses (1870-s).

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New letters by Gregory Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish letters of 1843.

Would you find it possible to say in Otechestvennye zapiski that somewhere, in a corner, in the news that Molodik, a literary collection compiled in Kharkov by Betsky, is already being published. (Feb 10, 1843, to A. A. Kraevsky)

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New novel by Andrei Chajkovsky

We continue publishing novel "Sagajdachnyj". Today – next 7 chapters, including "5. On the Dnister estuary".

Do not allow, the ataman, to destroy the captured ships. They will be needed near Ochakiv, we have Turkish prisoners more again, and there will be no room on our ships. The rowers will stay in their places.

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New novel by Bogdan Lepky

We continue publishing the novel "Mazepa" (1926 – 1929). Today, the first 5 sections of the second part ("Don’t kill"), including "Succumbed."

When you have no strength, I do not insist, go to them. It’s hard for me to stay without you, but I don’t want Orlyk to change into a partridge. I’d better let him out of the cage, let him fly.

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New verses by Mykola Khvylovyj

We publish last 12 verses from the collection "Predawn symphonies" (1922).

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New translations by Michael Starycky

We publish translations from the W. Sirokomla’s poetry.

Postman / About my old house / Madmen / Doll / Sometimes / Peasant

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New carols by Ju. Fedkovich

We publish the section "Jordanian carols, the so-called Epiphany" from the collection "Carols" by Ju. Fedkovich.

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New story by Marko Vovchok

We publish story "Enterprising bumblebee" (1899).

Marry! Marry! Marry! The butterfly was not in the same place, on the blue sage, but she was not far away, sitting on the pink sage, smart, cheerful, carried away, obviously, by a pleasant conversation with the Moth.

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New letters by Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

We begin publishing letters by Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky. Today – the first 5 letters 1872 – 1875.

It’s a pity that you didn’t motivate why you can’t publish the whole sketch of "Mythology…" in "Pravda". As to me, do as you wish, and then publish a brochure. (August 17, 1875. To Volodymyr Barvinsky)

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New about Juri Klen

1940-і рр. (3) In the Juri Klen’s photo gallery added 5 images, including photo of 1940-s.

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New book on Kyiv

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New vaudeville by Ivan Karpenko-Kary

We publish vaudeville "From Ivan – lord, and from lord – Ivan" (1884).

If I had to become a lord, the men would not deceive me, because I know all their tricks well! And I would eat sausages and lard from time to time and drink sweet brandy!

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New story by Igor Olshevsky

We publish the story "Such a night, frosty and strict…" (2016).

The new story of the modern writer from Volyn Igor Olshevsky is dedicated to the figure of the outstanding Ukrainian poet of the XX century Pavlo Hryhorovych Tychyna.

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New story by Boris Grinchenko

We finishe publishing the story "Under the quiet willows" (1901). Today – "Part three."

My dear earth, you are lying uncultivated! But who will ripen you, who will sow you, who will cover you with rye-wheat? Your worker lies like a log.

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New story by Julian Opilsky

We publish historical story "Harmione" (1921).

Your customs are terrible, Oytozir! – She said at the end in a broken voice. – Terrible, because they are unknown and not everyone understands. But life without the embrace of a loved one is not worth a crock!..

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New short stories by Sidor Vorobkevich

We publish three short stories, including "Makovjka" (1888).

Isn’t that Vasilina? She, she! Can’t you see the poppy flowers in the braids? Similar, but where is her beauty, where is the blush, where is the fun? The poor woman seemed to rise from the grave.

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New articles by B.-I. Antonych

We publish next 5 articles about literatue (1934), including "Recall of the first All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviet Writers."

The most unfortunate thing is that the names of Bazhan, Tychyna and Rylsky are involved in the case of this appeal. The appeal itself obviously needs no explanation.

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News archive

Табл. LXXII-1. Церковь Богородицы… We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 2" (1961) by M. K. Karger. Today – the next 10 tables (Our lady of Pyrogoscha Church).

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