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Anatoly Svydnytsky

Svydnytsky Anatoly Patrykiyovych (1834 – 1871) – Ukrainian writer and ethnographer.

Portrait of A. P. Svydnytsky

Born 13 (25) September 1834 in the village (at that time – Haysyn County Podolia province, now – Tulchyn district of Vinnitsa region) in the family priest.

In 1843 – 1851 he studied at religious schools in the village , in 1851 – 1856 years – the seminary in Kamenetz-Podolsk. In 1856, before finishing seminary course, he entered the University of Kiev, who also was not able to finish.

In 1860 – 1862 years he served as a teacher in Mirgorod, in 1862 – 1869 years – excise official in Kozelets. In 1869 he moved to Kyiv and entered the Kiev central archive as assistant head. There he worked on the descriptions of assembly books (but finished only , published in 1879).

He died in Kiev on 30 July (August 11) in 1871, the tomb was not preserved.

Creativity A.Svydnytsky clearly divided into two periods associated with opportunity publishing works. The first began in university years and lasted until 1862. At that time a young writer linked his hopes with St. Petersburg magazine "Osnova (Basis)", which sent his works, including his best work – the novel "Lyuboratski."

The second period was related to his stay in Kyiv: in 1869 – 1870 years he published several short stories and essays in the newspaper "Kyivlyanyn" (through government ban of Ukrainian language they are written in Russian).

Small in volume of artistic heritage A.Svydnytsky retained to this day its informative value, and the novel "Lyuboratski" – also artistic value.

M. Zh, September 4, 2016.