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Gerasim Sokolenko

Герась Соколенко

G.Sokolenko's authograph

Gerasim Sokolenko (1920 – 1945) – a little-known Ukrainian poet. In 2008, Vladimir Fedotov gave a book about Sokolenko (prepared him) for web publishing for website "Myslene drevo", for which we make him a great gratitude. Submitted materials forms the basis of our knowledge about Sokolenko.

© Vladimir Fedotov, composition, introduction, notes, 2008

© Rostislav Dotsenko, preface, 2008

© Ann Cherin, "Rescued lines", 2008

Many thanks to all who helped. Special thanks to Tetjana Gorbach for valuable consideration to work.


Vladimir Fedotov Volyn Martin Eden: some touches to the portrait

Rostislav Dotsenko Poetry – for life and death




1. "Dressed in gold garments…\"

2. "Curly wind…"

"The night is friendly, gentle night…"

Summer of 1941 Year

Ballad (1st edition)

Ballad (2nd edition)


To Ukraine


"Fog hung over…"

To mother ("Arrive on horseback at night… ")

From the series "Blue stars"

"Night issued in cloaks…"

Knights of the immortal deeds


"In the dark oak – quiet…"

Memories of recent

"He fall shoot through breast…"

Your name

To Shevchenko ("Prometheus of ukrainian people…")

To Ivan Franko


Early spring motif

From the "Blue poems"

"I remember the autumn of crans…"

"The chestnuts make a noise ovet the way…"

"At the dawn of white smoke…"

"Blue kerchief, blue dress…"

"In my heart – love and sun…"

"Violent songs…"

Spring ("The bog cranberry blossom")



"Off the garden, past the house…"

From the book "Golden lakes"

Thunderstorm [Epoch]

Lake ("In heaven, where clouds with white feathers…")

"Albatross blossom at the top…" (1st edition)



"I love the way in morning…"

I so want

"I kiss my youth…"

You. Romantics


"Dark wood and a wide plain…"

"With Strauss waltz in the garden…"


"Someone patting the meadow grass…"


Anthem of young poets

"Someone threw a stone from the oak…"

"You still remember…"

"On the slope of the mountain – herbs…"


"Vault opened curtains…"

Mother ("Fire dawns rises…")


"I looked on your hair…"

Spring ("Spring comes – and the wire…")

Ballad of Marshal Bohun

"Rosy silk on the oaks…"


"Blue eyes under silk eyelashes…"


"Winds moor to the mountains…"

"Remember the dear earth…"

Black Sea Poem

To Shevchenko ("Your words like lightning lights…)

In eastern


To Svyatoslav Gordinsky [1]

To Svyatoslav Gordinsky [2]

To Svyatoslav Gordinsky [3]

To Peter Rotach


Vsevolod Vyshnevy Something about albums

Vsevolod Vyshnevy And this happens

Alexander Karuchok Life

Ulas Samchuk Memories

J. P. In memory of a young poet

Leonid Poltava Gerasim Sokolenko – unknown famous ukrainian poet

Anna Cherin Rescued lines

From a letter by Michael Ivanchenko


Children in Mykhlja village (1)

Children in Mykhlja village (2)

Church in the village Mykhlya

Remains of mill

Gerasim Sokolenko

Gerasim Sokolenko. 1940

Lida Karvina and Liuda Lutsik

Galja Bolkun

Fr. Semen Hayuk

Svyatoslav Hordynsky

Autograph of letter by Gerasim Sokolenko

Gerasim Sokolenko. Self-portrait

Printing in Zaslav

House of Fr. Semen Hayuk

Field near the woods "Oblohy"

Autograph of the verses by Gerasim Sokolenko

Ulas Samchuk

Gerasim Sokolenko

9 quarters

House of education

luba Mjach i Liuda Lutsik

Peter Rotach

Gerasim Sokolenko. 1944

Olga Lubska

Cover of the Gerasim Sokolenko's book

Barbara Shmyhelska in the field

Note on the death of Gerasim Sokolenko