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Treatise on the two Sarmatia

Miechowski M.

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Description of book publishing: Матвей Меховский Трактат о двух Сарматиях. – Москва-Ленинград: Издательство Академии наук СССР, 1936 г. – 11, 288 с.

Introduction, translation and commentary by S.A. Anninsky.

Published by order of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Permanent secretary of the Acad. N.Gorbunov. September 1936

Managing editor Acad. B.D. Grekov

Table of contents (with pages of the book):

Preface VII
Introduction 1

Treatise on the two Sarmatians, Asian and European, and what located in them

Letter from Matthew Miechowski to Stanislav Turson 45
Book One
First treatise. About Sarmatia Asian 47

Chapters: The fact that there are two Sarmatia (47). The appearance and the invasion of Tartar (47). About the cruel devastation of Poland and Hungary by Tatars (49). About the bloody devastation of Hungary by Batu, Tartar emperor (53). As Pope Innocent IV sent to the Tatar khan and ask that he don't persecuted Christians, and as Khan took the faith of Muhammad (57). The customs of the Tatars and those located in their lands (59). The boundaries of Tatar domains beyond the Volga (61). On the genealogy of emperors living beyond the Volga (63). The fact that the people of Scythia restless and always prone to robbery (56).

Second treatise 68

Chapters: What are the tribes and the people lived in Scythia, called Tatars (68). About Gottes (70). About Alans, Vandals and Sueves (72). Continuation about the Vandals, Alans and Sueves (75). About Yugrah (79).

Third treatise. Sequential distribution of Tatars in kinship 85

Chapter: On the Turks (85). On the genus Tatars "ulans" or Perekopsky (89). On the Kazan Tatars and Nogai Tatars (92).

Book Two
First treatise. On the description of the upper European Sarmatia 94

Chapters: About Rus and its constituencies, abundant and present in it (94). About Lithuania and Samagittia (98). Of the vastness of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and located there (106).

Second treatise 112

Chapter: On the Muscovy (112). On domains of Scythia – Perm, Ugra and Korela, conquered by prince of Muscovy (117).

Letter of Matthew Miechowski to John Haller 119

Tractatus de duabus Sarmatiis, asiana et europiana, et de contentis in eis

Reverendissimo patri et domino Stanislao Tursoni… 127
Libri primi
Tractatus primus 129

Capitulus: Quod duae sunt Sarmatiae. De ortu et adventu Thartarorum. De crudeli vastatione Poloniae et Hungariae per Thartaros. De cruenta vastatione Hungariae per Bathy, imperatorem Thartarorum. Quomodo Innocentius papa quartus misit ad Cham Thartarorum, ne christianos persequeretur, et quomodo fidem Machometi susceperit. De moribus Thartarorum et de contentis in terra eorum. De finibus et metis Thartarorum Zauolhensium. De geneologia imperatorum trans Volham incolentium. Quod gentes Scithiae inquietae sunt et semper rapaces.

Tractatus secundus 149

Capitulus: Quae gentes quaeve natio habitat in Scythia, quae nunc Thartaria vocatur. De Gotthis. De Alanis, Vandalis et Sueuis. Continuatio de Vandalis, Alanis et Sueuis. De Iuhris.

Tractatus tertius. De successiva Thartarorum per familias propagatione 164

Capitulus: De Thurcis. De familia Thartarorum Vlanorum sive Przekopensium.De Thartaris Kosanensibus et Thartaris Nahaiensibus.

Liber secundus
Tractatus primus. De descriptione Sarmatiae Europianae superioris 172

Capitulus: De Russia, de districtibus eius, de abundantia et contentis in ea. De Lithuania et Samagitthia. De amplitudine et contentis Magni ducatus Lithuaniae.

Tractatus secundus libri secundi 188

Capitulus: De Moskouia. De regionibus Scythiae: Perm, Baskird, Iuhra et Corela per ducem Moskouiae subiugatis.

Spectabili al famoso domino Ioanni Haller 195

Index of geographical names

Index of personal names