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The night of the forgotten songs

Vladimir Pasko

Description of book edition: Pasko V.V. The night of the forgotten songs: third edition, revised and enlarged. – Kiev: Yaroslaviv Val, 2006. – 392 p.

This book will be of interest to anyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our compatriots who had taken part in hostilities in armed conflicts of the turn of the second and third millennia.

The advantage of the book is that it openly and honestly, without embellishment tells not only about what happened in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war, but the main thing – how and why this happened.

Vladimir Pasko was direct participant in the events, the officer of soviet troops in "Afghanistan". The book based on his own observations and impressions and arranged with the original songs written by his comrades – "warrior-internationalist" of the time.

Reliability, honesty and accessibility of interest statement as a mass and experienced in this subject the reader. The first book will be of interest to veterans of the Afghanistans", members of other armed conflicts, and peacekeeping soldiers, as well as a wide range of readers – fans of military topics.

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